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  • HX801- Inside Wall Niche Whole Stainless Steel 304 Material for Modern Home and Design

HX801- Inside Wall Niche Whole Stainless Steel 304 Material for Modern Home and Design

HX801-Inside Type Wall Niche is made by stainless steel and is an excellent choice for modern home decor. Its minimalist lines and design can seamlessly integrate with any decorative style. Frameless design weakens its presence in the space, but still has great storage capabilities. The wall niche that balances aesthetics and practicality is the perfect choice for modern bathroom.


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  • 11.8 X 11.8 X 3.9in (300mm X 300mm X 100mm)
  • 23.6 X 11.8 X 3.9in (600mm X 300mm X 100mm)
  • 35.4 X 11.8 X 3.9in (900mm X 300mm X 100mm)
  • Material: SS304
  • Flange: 20mm
  • Color: Chromed; Brushed Gold; Matt Back; Rose Gold; Gun Grey
  • Installation Type: Inside with no screws/p>

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Product Size

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Zhejiang Haixin Kitchen & Bath Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Haixin Kitchen & Bathroom Technology Co., Ltd is a professional HX801- Inside Wall Niche Whole Stainless Steel 304 Material for Modern Home and Design company and HX801- Inside Wall Niche Whole Stainless Steel 304 Material for Modern Home and Design factory with a complete supply chain system, which is committed to manufacturing, design, R&D, and export trade. Aiming for middle and high-end domestic and foreign markets, Hasen is a professional production base with an annual production capacity of about 1 million sets of stainless steel kitchen and bathroom products, main export products are floor drains, niches, showers, sinks, and kitchen derivative products. The factory building covers an area of about 10,000 square meters, including two production plants and three workshops, with more than 80 employees and 10+ design engineers. Based on the high-grade and high-quality market, the countries we are currently exporting to are Europe, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia.


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Inside Type Wall Niche Industry knowledge

How can an internal type wall niche be included into a small area to maximize garage or display possibilities?

First and foremost, it is critical to evaluate the to be had area and decide the appropriate vicinity for the wall niche. Consider the dimensions of the place and examine if it can accommodate a shallow or deeper interior kind wall niche. Once this is decided, it is time to focus on the garage factor.
One manner to maximise storage in a small area is to design the interior type wall niche with adjustable shelves. This allows flexibility in arranging the peak and width of the cabinets to house specific objects. By utilizing adjustable shelves, you will effortlessly personalize the space and keep gadgets of various sizes, from books and picture frames to ornamental accents or even small baskets for organizing smaller items.
Additionally, incorporating hooks or pegs at the internal partitions of the area of interest can growth the storage options. This provides a handy place to cling keys, hats, or small putting organizers. The use of hooks or pegs also can be useful for displaying items such as mild jackets or scarves, including a ornamental touch to the space.
Another manner to maximise storage in a small space is to remember using the vertical space inside the internal kind wall niche. By incorporating taller cabinets or stacking smaller ones, it is easy to take benefit of the height of the niche. This is in particular beneficial for storing folded clothes, containers, or containers.

What are the one-of-a-kind varieties of substances that can be used to assemble an internal type wall area of interest?

1. Wood: Wood is a versatile and broadly used cloth for constructing inner kind wall niches. It gives warmth and herbal splendor to any space. Different forms of wood, inclusive of oak, maple, or walnut, may be selected primarily based on personal preferences. Wood may be without difficulty custom designed, taking into consideration difficult designs and carving info. It is likewise quite smooth to paintings with and may be stained or painted to match the general interior design. However, it's far critical to note that wood may also require everyday preservation to hold its excellent and prevent damage from moisture.
2. Glass: Glass is an elegant and current preference for interior type wall niches. It adds a touch of class to any area, whilst additionally taking into account better visibility and mild transmission. Glass can be used as transparent, translucent or maybe frosted panels for the area of interest, depending at the desired level of privateness and aesthetic attraction. It pairs properly with both present day and conventional styles. However, glass is fragile and requires cautious managing during installation to save you breakage. Additionally, it could require more common cleaning to maintain its readability and shine.
3. Metal: Metal is a long lasting and fashionable option for constructing internal kind wall niches. It may be utilized in its raw form, which includes chrome steel or wrought iron, for an commercial look. Alternatively, metals like copper or brass can be chosen for a extra steeply-priced and antique experience. Metal may be fabricated into numerous sizes and styles and is immune to warmth, moisture, and pests. The downside is that sure metals, especially iron, are at risk of rust if now not nicely sealed or maintained.