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  • HX005- Straight Linear Drain with Adjustable Leg and V Desigh Channel
  • HX005- Straight Linear Drain with Adjustable Leg and V Desigh Channel
  • HX005- Straight Linear Drain with Adjustable Leg and V Desigh Channel

HX005- Straight Linear Drain with Adjustable Leg and V Desigh Channel

When we design the product, we always focus the concept of simplicity and practicality. The V-shaped design inside this linear shower drain is both beautiful and practical. This design not only ensures that the floor drain has sufficient flow capacity and flow speed, but also enhances the product's high-end feel. It is this design that makes HX005-Straight Shower Drain beloved by customers!


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  • 23.6 x 2.8 inches (600mm x 70m)
  • Material: SS304
  • Water flow speed: 29-31L/min
  • Design: Shallow "V" design inside; straight outlet design; Tile Insert Design

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Zhejiang Haixin Kitchen & Bath Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Haixin Kitchen & Bathroom Technology Co., Ltd is a professional HX005- Straight Linear Drain with Adjustable Leg and V Desigh Channel company and HX005- Straight Linear Drain with Adjustable Leg and V Desigh Channel factory with a complete supply chain system, which is committed to manufacturing, design, R&D, and export trade. Aiming for middle and high-end domestic and foreign markets, Hasen is a professional production base with an annual production capacity of about 1 million sets of stainless steel kitchen and bathroom products, main export products are floor drains, niches, showers, sinks, and kitchen derivative products. The factory building covers an area of about 10,000 square meters, including two production plants and three workshops, with more than 80 employees and 10+ design engineers. Based on the high-grade and high-quality market, the countries we are currently exporting to are Europe, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia.


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Straight Linear Drain Industry knowledge

What is a immediately linear drain and how does it range from other varieties of drainage systems?

A immediately linear drain, also known as a linear bathe drain or trench drain, is a specific sort of drainage machine used in showers, bathrooms, or different wet areas. It is designed to provide efficient and effective water drainage, stopping water buildup and ensuring a dry and safe environment. These drains are first-rate applicable for cutting-edge and cutting-edge fashion toilets, as they provide a swish and seamless look.
The foremost difference among a instantly linear drain and other types of drainage systems lies in its design and capability. Traditional ground drains are generally round or rectangular-shaped, installed at the bottom factor of the floor to capture water and direct it to the wastewater pipe. While powerful, these drains can occasionally be unsightly and cause water pooling.
On the alternative hand, a directly linear drain is a protracted, rectangular-shaped drain that sits flush with the ground floor. It runs along one area or multiple edges of the bathe or rest room ground, correctly shooting water across its whole length. Instead of relying on a unmarried point for drainage, a linear drain provides a much broader region for water to flow into, which notably reduces the chance of water pooling.
There are numerous advantages of the use of a directly linear drain over conventional drains. First and most important, those drains provide superior water drainage talents. The larger floor region of the drain lets in water to flow freely and fast, preventing any standing water or capacity slip risks. This is in particular useful for individuals with mobility issues or folks that use wheelchairs or walkers.

How do you install a instantly linear drain in a tiled or concrete floor?

1. Determine the drain placement: Before beginning the installation system, determine the precise location for the linear drain. Consider factors inclusive of slope, water glide, and capability. Ensure that the drain is located to acquire water efficaciously and movements it towards the favored drainage exit factor.
2. Prepare the subfloor: Ensure the subfloor is smooth, flat, and well organized to accommodate the linear drain. Remove any debris, dirt, or choppy surfaces which can intervene with the set up method. If there are existing pipes or ground drains within the region, seek advice from a professional to decide the exceptional way to connect the linear drain to the plumbing device.
3. Create a slope: To make certain water flows in the direction of the linear drain, create a slope inside the floor. This can be achieved with the aid of applying a self-leveling compound or by means of cautiously including layers of mortar to create a gradual slope towards the drain place. Follow the manufacturer's commands for the slope percent required on your specific linear drain.